Smart Recycling Inc. is located in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. The following are some of our recent projects.

  • Wal-Mart, Wilkes-Barre, PA - S.R.I. was responsible for the demolition and timely removal of a single story 150,000 square foot building.

  • City of Scranton - Office of Economic and Community Development (O.E.C.D.)
    S.R.I. worked in collaboration with the certified on site implosion engineers. In addition, S.R.I. prepped building for implosion. The total prep work was in accordance to the Engineers Specifications. We drilled all holes needed for placement of explosives, demolished various areas of building, removed footers/foundations and rebar, removed all demolition debris and hauled it to a Certified ISO 14001 landfill. The building was a former 5 stories Hotel. The completion time table was satisfied.

  • Taylor Commons, Taylor, PA - Demolition of a 760,000 sq. ft. commercial building. We demolished a total of 5 buildings and disposed of demolition debris at a Certified ISO 14001 Landfill. Project was completed in 30 days. Project completion time table was satisfied.

  • Coon Industries, Nanticoke, PA - Demolition of approximately 40,000 sq. ft. which included one steel building and two block and wood buildings, which were a former concrete plant.

  • Thompson Electronics, Dunmore, PA - Interior Demolition of approximately one million sq. ft. of the former warehouse which made television sets. The interior demolition included removal of old machinery, large conveyer system, 2 large contaminated ovens and tore down entire 2nd floor mezzanine. We essentially brought building back to original structure.

  • Kane Warehouse, Scranton, PA - Selective demolition of the distribution center which included the demolition of the former loading dock area.

  • South Side Shopping Center, Scranton, PA - Interior demolition of the former Acme Grocery Store. We demolished several layers of the mezzanine areas, all interior walls, removal of HVAC duct work and removal of selected walls.

  • Thomas Court, Hazleton, PA - Interior demolition of a former middle school which was being converted into housing. We did selective demolition of the building - Removal of old bathrooms, removal of old duct work, removal of old walls to name a few.

  • Connelly Building, Scranton, PA - Interior demolition of the former Juvenile Detention Center, Removal of the mezzanine area of the former building etc. In addition, we have also performed selective demolition and removal of the concrete from the building.

  • University of Scranton, Scranton, PA - Demolition of various residential and commercial buildings.

  • Connell Building Project, Scranton, PA - Interior demolition and clean up of the former Connell Building.

  • Quints Army & Navy Building, Scranton, PA - Demolition of Commercial building and disposal of demolition debris to a Certified ISO 14001 Landfill.

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